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Peter Weeden
16:03 25 Jul 22
Great experience and would definitely recommend it! Ella and sativa were extremely hot and mike was a great guy. Ella and sativa had great bodies and put on a great show. Highly recommend them for your next get together
Chris Conery
03:56 17 Jul 22
Great show. Mike was the man.
troy breckheimer
03:11 16 Jul 22
Ashley diamond and David rocked our party best entertainment team I’ve ever seen
Orion Wagner
05:02 27 Mar 22
Ashley Alexa Ella were superb
Mark Avona
05:06 26 Mar 22
Fantastic service. Brooke and Sarah were phenomenal
Charlie Hill
03:48 20 Mar 22
They were professional and a great time! I couldn’t recommend a better time.
Steven Osgood
11:07 16 Mar 22
The Minister
04:33 16 Mar 22
Greg Gunsalus
06:27 21 Feb 22
EJ Comerford
19:27 18 Feb 22
Big Mac
08:56 05 Feb 22
Ella and Ashley were awesome! Doug was a gent! Squirt show unbelievable
Joe Khoury
07:04 05 Feb 22
Ella and Ashley are the best so friendly and amazing!
BennyPberries Peltola
06:25 28 Jan 22
I loved doug ashley and reyna so much they where amazing. Would 100% call again and recommend to all my boys
Daniel Toutoungi
04:21 23 Jan 22
Fiona and Bella are the best of all time. Great service
John Boden
06:09 22 Jan 22
Fiona and Bella are the best
Matthew Chapin
08:12 12 Dec 21
I have used Shamrock for probably 20 years between military deployments and bachelor party they always fill my needs. The quality of girls at my last friends bachelor party who happens to be be a war hero was out of this world and there escort was top notch sometimes those guys can ruin the night but he was great
kevin perry
06:22 12 Dec 21
Christian Labossier
09:00 23 Oct 21
Ashley and Doug were the best team!! For a wild party ask for Ashley 💯
Dylan Smith
05:45 17 Oct 21
We had a bachelor party with Fiona and Gisele, they were amazing, sexy and gorgeous! Best bachelor party ever! Tony the driver was the best as well!
Joseph Lee
01:21 17 Oct 21
Reyna and Lexi were great at my buddy's bachelor party.
Michael Cascio
01:17 17 Oct 21
Amazing show!!! Highly recommend!
Douglas De Castro Silva
01:15 17 Oct 21
Lexi and Reyna killing it. Professional and loads of fun
Alex Davidoff
01:14 17 Oct 21
Doug, lexi, and Reyna absolutely killed it. Great service great people.
Ryan Lawton
04:59 16 Oct 21
Trevor Tavano
03:20 16 Oct 21
Ashley and diamond are a smoke show!!
Justin proia
02:58 10 Oct 21
02:52 10 Oct 21
Harmony and destiny were FANTASTIC at our bachelor party at Foxwoods they were beautiful and George was extremely professional A++++++++
Ty Ebdon
01:28 26 Sep 21
Ashley and Reyna were amazing!!!
Max Ebdon
01:26 26 Sep 21
Ashley Is in the world
Shawn Lanceleve
05:02 19 Sep 21
Ashley, Reign
Grant Thomas-Lepore
04:35 19 Sep 21
Thank you david and dime and Alyssa for the great show
Jordan Mercer
04:21 19 Sep 21
Great time with jordan and Brooklyn at are buddy's bachelors party in the cape and george the chaperone was great
Nick Carbone
05:22 12 Sep 21
Johan Harding
02:02 12 Sep 21
Jordan and Ashley are awesome
Doug Funny
02:43 11 Sep 21
Absolutely amazing!! We had Destiny and Harmony and they we amazing. They were great at what they did and made my buddies bachelor party great. George the chaperone was very professional.
01:08 06 Sep 21
Ashley is the best
Stephen Michaels
01:03 06 Sep 21
They were very polite and accommodating. They could not have provided a better service Ashley Jordan and Doug
Giorgio Arquilla
01:03 06 Sep 21
Ashely and Jordan were lit and Doug was great asset as well
Tyler Stafford
01:10 05 Sep 21
Mark Mac
01:09 05 Sep 21
Best bootys i’ve ever seen is Ashley and jordan doug was a great driver as well
Jaime Taft
23:02 04 Sep 21
Had shamrock at my buddies party in RI and Destiny and Harmony were absolutely amazing. Put on a great show and well worth it. Highly recommend both!
Evan Ross
05:17 28 Aug 21
The most amazing time I have ever had was with destiny and harmony. We had shamrock come down for a guy's night and they were absolutely Phenomenal. We have had shamrock numerous times in the past and this was by far the best show ever. George The chaperone was very professional and and honest. We will definitely be using them in the future
Ryan Boniello
05:28 22 Aug 21
Sean Ball
05:26 22 Aug 21
Ashley and Alexa were incredible. 10/10 would recommend
Gilbert Prescott
03:17 20 Aug 21
brian dinnigan
00:58 15 Aug 21
Great service had a great highly recommend Asia Brooklyn and Shawn were great would book again
Frank Templeton
06:07 08 Aug 21
I was amazed how easy it was to book them it was amazing. Samantha and Fiona were amazing. I loved every minute and was worth everything. Shout out to George for being awesome too.
kyle c
06:05 08 Aug 21
@shamrock at foxwoods amazing night great first time experience with Sam & Fiona. Everything went perfect for the bachelor and party.
Tito Rodriguez-Torres
02:55 30 Jul 21
Ashley Leah and Pete were fabulous
corey chouinard
03:48 25 Jul 21
Feodor Dubinsky
22:53 21 Jul 21
Bella is insane that lady is fine af y’all gotta order!!!!
Mike Angers
02:36 18 Jul 21
Best show bachelor party experience you can have at foxwoods. Fiona and Gina were the best!!!!!! The chaperone, George, was professional and had great communication.
Jai Alvarez
02:17 18 Jul 21
Had Asia , Lacy, and Shawn as driver. Experience was AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!!! Request these 3 for time of your life. Arnold, MA
corey pemberton
09:08 11 Jul 21
Raggi Neto
08:13 11 Jul 21
Trevor Vipon
07:43 11 Jul 21
JTech Computer Repair
04:15 11 Jul 21
Ashley and Natasha rocked my world!! Doug was great as well
Matt Mcmillen
03:08 10 Jul 21
Doug Alexa and Ashley where amazing great time highly recommend to anyone
Josh Houck
01:25 10 Jul 21
Great show. Bachelor party for a friend of mind and nothing but great time. Asia, nova, and shawn were nothing but great to our party. Highly recommend them
Thomas Donovan
00:54 27 Jun 21
Lewis Rosenblum
22:24 26 Jun 21
Awesome time for a bachelor party. Great girls. Extremely professional.
Derek Page
05:23 06 Jun 21
Tim had a great time with Ashley Lexi and Doug! Beautiful inside and out
Nicholas O'Keefe
02:34 06 Jun 21
Sean, Nova, and Asia were great. Awesome experience highly recommend
Jason Richard
01:07 06 Jun 21
Natasha, Brooke and Cam took good care of us. The girls were smoke shows and we had the best night of our lives!
Zerker Gaming
04:26 31 May 21
Broohlyn Ashley & dubs
John Doe
04:24 31 May 21
Ashley, brookline and dubz delivered an unforgetatablr experience.
Derek Steen
04:10 31 May 21
brandon drewek
04:07 31 May 21
Ashley Brooklyn and Doug were The best entertainment I could ever expect for my friends bachelor party. 5 stars more than any strip club...request them I promise you won’t be disappointed
Scott Dennehy (Scoots magee)
04:04 31 May 21
Nick Juliano
04:02 31 May 21
Sean Richard
04:00 31 May 21
10/10 would recommend it Brooklyn Ashley were great!! Make sure to request themDoug was on point with communication and also a good crowd participation!!!
Corey Bruffee
01:02 30 May 21
Tr3 Hoops
00:00 27 May 21
23:58 26 May 21
Jared Costa
04:00 22 May 21
Ashley and jasmine are it!!
Dylan Fedora
02:44 13 May 21
Jazmin came and was absolutely beautiful and put on an amazing showShawn was the driver and was very thorough and I suggest requesting them EVERYTIME!!! Narragansett
Robert Morissette
01:07 13 May 21
Tina and Raven are amazingly perfect and highly professional- the best of the best! Highly recommend for your bachelor party!
Jack The Reviewer
04:32 02 May 21
Asia and Nova were AWESOME!!! BEAUTIFULLY BEAUTIFUL!! Shawn was on point and made sure everything was smooth sailing. Yarmputh,MA
Michael Anastasi
00:55 25 Apr 21
ashley is a sweat heart
Anthony Serluca
00:51 25 Apr 21
ashley is beyond amazing! she’s beyond fun
carlin aguiar
00:49 25 Apr 21
Mike Findle
03:45 24 Apr 21
Ryan Diana
05:49 18 Apr 21
Doug Asia nova amazing
Brian Willard
02:53 18 Apr 21
Nova Doug and Asia were amazing. I hope to see them again.
Steve Graziano
04:19 11 Apr 21
Amazing folks. Karin, Doug, and Lexi are the best.
Mohhamad Ahli
22:19 28 Mar 21
Always a great time. Request Shawn destiny and Sunni!
billy carroll
05:18 28 Feb 21
Just had a bachelor party with Raven, Khloe, and Pete. Greatest show we've ever had and we've been using shamrock for years. Gotta request this group. It's a must. Best ever
Yung Qu
05:17 21 Feb 21
Jade, Bell, and Shawn the driver were amazing. Absolute phenomenal time. I will only recommend there services to anyone. Great options and great people too. Very accommodating for first timers.
Valor SkiCo
05:16 21 Feb 21
Amazing first experience the whole group loved it Jade Bell and Shawn were very professional and the girls were very sexy
Annie Ulfelder
05:14 21 Feb 21
amazing girls. jade and belle were great and made a great show!!
Vincent Smith
03:32 21 Feb 21
Natasha and rayna pop it off Narragansett highly recommend this crew🤝🤝
Josh Klein
02:28 21 Feb 21
Doug, ashely and Lexi were great!
Christopher Cross
07:46 20 Feb 21
Kevin McCarthy
08:35 08 Feb 21
Reyna and Natasha fire and sean
Joseph Fazio
08:33 08 Feb 21
Reyna and Natasha and Shaun most fire entertainment around
james queally
08:32 08 Feb 21
Reyna and Natasha and Shawn were best people ever
Matt Nguyen
08:32 08 Feb 21
Reyna and Natasha were fire
Jason Ramsdell
23:03 07 Feb 21
Great night with sunny! 100% recommended
John Doherty
05:16 07 Feb 21
Girls were great. Took care of us and they showed early ready to roll. We got more than expected and if you’re looking for a good time.... no place better to get lucky than Shamrock Entertainment. Hell yeah
Tyler Mullen
05:11 02 Feb 21
Ashley showed me an unbelievable time. Shaun is the man he will make sure you are all set.
Jose Estrada
07:07 29 Jan 21
Ryan Henehan
08:56 17 Jan 21
Ashley and Natasha and the driver Shawn were excellent and kept up with communication and we had a great time!
Jimmy Pisciotta
09:03 09 Jan 21
Raina Natasha and Shawn provided us with a great experience. 10/10 recommend.
Jake Whedbee
15:11 30 Dec 20
Chris Cazeault
05:08 30 Dec 20
Mason Dusty
02:14 28 Dec 20
Dominic Volpe
02:14 28 Dec 20
Narragansett, Shawn the guy keep up the good work with the girls!!
DJ Dalas
16:51 07 Dec 20
We had a great time with Shamrock! Candace & April were amazing performers and made our night- first class! They made everyone comfortable and were very professional. Cam was the driver- super easy going & an overall great guy. Will be requesting again. They won’t disappoint, I can promise you that!11/10!!!!
07:53 04 Dec 20
Reina and Natasha very pretty Sean was a good guy request this group if you call. Shamrock strippers are the best!
Siobhan Riley
08:09 23 Nov 20
James Pon
08:36 22 Nov 20
Raina and Natasha showed up and treated us right for my bachelor party. A full stop shop that had multiple options for us to enjoy for our nights pleasure. Sean was able to coordinate our services and very hospitable.
phil sharkey
07:06 15 Nov 20
Diamond and ashley are the dream team
06:53 15 Nov 20
THIS PLACE IS THE ONLY PLACE TO BOOK IF YOU WANT "A" CLASS TREATMENT FROM THE BOOKING TO THE GIRLS....EVERYTHING WAS / WENT BEAUTIFUL!! We had Luna ,Chanel , and Shawn as the driver. I would request them if you wanna have a memorable time of your life!! N. Conway, NH
Carroll Bailey
04:42 15 Nov 20
Jared G
05:40 08 Nov 20
Bobby Augur
03:14 02 Nov 20
Just had a shamrock here for my boys birthday party with both men and women here and let me tell you a shamrock met our expectations and then some it was our first time and definitely will not be our last time this place is off the hook Bondville Vermont.Request Sean Luna and Stephanie if you want a jaw-dropping show and a cool driver!!
04:35 25 Oct 20
They delivered far beyond our expectations and made my friend Ralph’s birthday lit.
Evan vasilakeris
02:12 23 Oct 20
SHAMROCK ☘️ FOR THE BEST STRIPPERS AND SERVICE FROM START TO FINISH!!!! Amazing, using them for years and Natasha and Luna put on a show that was insanely awesome-!!!! Narragansett,RI
Sharef Hussein
06:28 20 Oct 20
Just had a 1 girl show and let me say as always, I was not disappointed! We had Natasha and she put on a jaw dropping show!!! Shawn the driver was laid back and professional. Highly suggest requesting these 2 if you book-!! Boston,MA
Brady Howrigan
02:34 18 Oct 20
Natasha Luna and Shawn did our friends bachelor party in Georgia VT and were very professional and provided quality adult entertainment I recommend shamrock to any of my friends
Cole Lapointe
02:31 18 Oct 20
Me and a bunch of my boys just had Shamrock for his bachelor party and had Natosha and Luna shamrock is the balls and these girls were beautiful and put on a stunning show everlasting memories highly recommend requesting these two and Shawn the driver was very professional as well !!!!!
You'remostly Morons
02:11 18 Oct 20
Ashley and diamond were the sexiest girls I’ve ever had from shamrock! Definitely worth requesting!!!
ROB Ricciardi
06:32 16 Oct 20
Shamrock entertainertainement was up to all my wishes. Sean the driver was very responsible and personable and Natasha was great at working everything. We were located in hull MA and I have no complaints.
Philip Tolias
05:48 07 Oct 20
Just had Ashley for my friends B-Day and let me tell you.... Shamrock is the best, no questions about it. Shawn the driver was very professional and down to earth.... And Ashley....... BEAUTIFUL!!!
Marlena Mulloy
05:44 07 Oct 20
Shawn and Ashley were amazing for my friends birthday party tonight. Very professional and friendly. Made the night epic. Would highly recommend and will use again for sure.Dedham, MA
greg hokanson
02:42 25 Sep 20
mandel Comeau
02:40 25 Sep 20
I just had a bachelor party Akin New Hampshire had Luna Natasha and Shawn As the driver let me tell you if you book here you will not be disappointed definitely request these three the driver was cool and professional and girls were unbelievably beautiful and put on a show we will all remember forever!!!
Patrick F
03:29 20 Sep 20
Ashley, Diamond and Joe are the best team ever! Phenomenal!
John Murphy
03:13 19 Sep 20
Just at Shamrock entertainment for my buddies birthday party in Killington Vermont had Luna Natasha and Sean as the driver highly recommend requesting these three girls are amazing and advance it was down to earth and totally professional Shamrock is the balls!!!!!!!!
Daniel Jaracz
06:10 13 Sep 20
Patrick Mahoney
10:58 06 Sep 20
Matt Demos
06:12 05 Sep 20
Justin Smith
06:06 05 Sep 20
I loved the girls tonight!! Reyna, Scarlett, and John really made it a night to remember and I would definitely have them again!! Thank you Shamrock for the experience:)
04:03 02 Sep 20
Brooklyn and Giselle were amazing. Mike was the man. I was shook!!!!!❤️❤️
Jerome Mack
03:49 31 Aug 20
LUNA REYNA SEAN!! Great Serivce.
Alex Peckham
03:31 30 Aug 20
Reyna & Mike Gaga ya the show of a lifetime!!
Ryan Howe
10:42 26 Aug 20
Brooklyn and Giselle were awesome! We had an amazing time and will deff be calling them again. Amazing girls. You will never be disappointed with them two
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