Shamrock Entertainment provides Female and Male exotic dancers and strippers, for all bachelor party female strippers, bachelorette party male strippers, Adult Entertainment, striptease.  Below is a full list of our most popular occasions for strippers.

Bachelor Party

A Bachelor Party, also known as stag party or stag night, Is a party for a bachelor shortly before he enters marriage to make the most of his final opportunity to engage in activities a new partner might not approve of, or merely to spend time with his male friends who are often in his wedding party afterwords. Make sure when putting together your buddies last hurrah you don’t drop the ball.  Because if you didn’t call and get the girls from shamrock entertainment then you didn’t throw your buddy a bachelor party, don’t mess this one up. Deal with the professionals when it comes to adult entertainment.

Bachelorette Party

Is a party held for a women about to be married. The bachelorette party is modeled after the bachelor party, historically a party given in honor of the bride to be in a style that is common to that social circle. If you ladies aren’t on the conservative side and you want a hunky young stranger to show up in the costume of your choice and have a good time with your guests then don’t forget to add some adult entertainment into your evening.

Birthday Party

A Birthday party is a celebration of the anniversary of the birth of the person who is being honored. With that being said it doesn’t matter if you’re from 18 to 80 why not give the gift that unwraps itself. I cant think of a better gift to give, this one not only unwraps itself but also shares itself with all of the guests, so make the next birthday party your planning a day to remember.

Office Party

A party held at ones place of business for the employees of the company to celebrate together. Maybe one of you most valuable employees is retiring, or one of your newest hot shots was giving a promotion, or your sales have been off the charts, maybe you landed that great big new contract. Whatever the occasion: Why not liven the office up for a spell and give everyone something to talk about around the water cooler with some of our sexy clothing removal engineers. Now that’s what I call employee appreciation.

Going Away

Throwing a going away party for a special friend or relative who is moving will leave the guest of honor feeling very touched by your efforts, and missing friends before even departing for a new destination, so save the long goodbyes and get right down to business nothing says were going to miss you more than a couple of beautiful young ladies running around naked.

Christmas Parties

Christmas is right around the corner and who has time to think about strippers but nothing shows your appreciation for all the hard work the guys have done for you over the year. We don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice were not going to leave any cole in your stocking, our santa’s helpers are hot young and wild nothing says merry Christmas and a job well done, than the ladies from shamrock entertainment. So add some joy and excitement to your holiday parties because shamrock entertainment is at the top of every ones gift list.

College Party Strippers

Ok all you fraternity boys and soon to be college graduates . Don’t forget your crash course in partying . Definition: To take part in a social activity, as a party, in an unrestrained boisterous manner, usually while drinking alcohol, taking drugs and inviting the beautiful young ladies from shamrock entertainment to ensure that your party is a complete success. This will ensure that you are doing your part to help support the wild life as well.

Super Bowl Parties Check list

Liven up any sporting event with the hot wild girls from shamrock entertainment. Weather it’s booking your pre-game party to warm the boys up, or going with the half time show extravaganza, or even better celebrating an after the game victory celebration show that will leave your guests breathless. Keep in mind strippers aren’t just for super bowl parties, whatever the sporting event with the boy’s maybe if it’s worth getting a group together, then girls from shamrock entertainment should be at the top of your list for party favors.

Welcome Home Parties

So you’ve got a friend returning home from the armed services or back from college and you want to roll out the red carpet, don’t forget to treat this V.I.P. with style nothing says we’ve missed you more than sexy exotic dancers from shamrock entertainment to show them what they have been missing.

Party Animals

You guys don’t need any reason to party.  You don’t care if the only reason you’ve decided to call was today ended in “Y” that’s good enough for us. You guys rock, it doesn’t matter if your with three of your buddies or a party of thirty, you guys usually call last minute because you know the recipe is always the same. You like them to be delivered hot young and wild. what goes better with a wild and crazy night? naked women of course, so keep on partying because we have plenty of ladies to go around.

Remember the party lasts one night but the memories lasts a life time.

So if you’ve got the occasion and location, we’ve got the party favors to make it a success.