Shamrock Challenge

You’ll find that some of our so called competitors claim to have a visual guarantee this means if you don’t like them you can turn them away. So lets picture this it’s Saturday night at 10:00pm during the height of bachelor party season and a couple of girls show up at your place that you wouldn’t use as a shield in a rock fight, what are you going to do?  You’re probably going to keep them, and our so called competitors know this. So that’s why we have the shamrock challenge and our challenge is to go ahead and book with us any anyone else you want, Have both companies show up at the same time and you decide who you want to keep, we haven’t been turned away in 20years. Remember when booking keep in mind if you got a splinter you wouldn’t call yourself a carpenter? now would you? Just because our so called competitors know a couple of girls that are willing to take off their clothes for money. That doesn’t mean there a booking agent for exotic dancers, so don’t be bamboozled. Remember the performance only lasts one night but the memories last a lifetime.

And just remember if you do make a mistake and book with someone else and the inevitable happens call us up last minute we can bail you out.