Keeping in mind when you’re booking a show you’re also responsible for the behavior of your guests so informing them about stag party etiquette is important.

First the young ladies are working for tips only.
Tipping is not only appreciated it is also encouraged

(We like to compare it to going to the casino,
You wouldn’t go to the casino with expecting to blow a few bucks, it’s the same concept with a bachelor party)

We want to make sure everyone has a great time but we also want to make sure no body breaks any of the rules in the process, by either getting physically or verbally abusive with the young ladies because that will end the show immediately without a refund.

A couple simple of examples;

  • The gentlemen should not be trying to stick there fingers or tongues in the ladies front sides or back sides
  • The gentlemen should not be taping or groping the young ladies hard enough to leave a mark.
  • The gentlemen should not be taking the tips and rolling them up in a ball and throwing them at the ladies, as well as tossing change or any other foreign objects.
  •  The gentlemen should not try to start their own wet t-shirt contest by spilling a beverage on the young ladies because all of those behaviors can and will end the show immediately without a refund.

The gentlemen should understand that were not an escort service and that they should not be expecting, requesting, or commenting on any type of sexual activity, those type of comments offend the young ladies.

A couple simple of examples

  • They should not be commenting about hand jobs or blowjobs or making any type of derogatory statements to or about the young ladies
  • All this is considered verbally abusive. These types of comments offend the young ladies and could end the show.

Last but not least

Absolutely no photography equipment.

  • A lot of the young ladies due to personal and professional reasons choose not to be on our website let alone be real cool with a complete stranger taking their photograph with out their consent this rule as well as all the rest are strictly enforced so our policy on anything that can be used to capture an image is forbidden during a show and should be kept out of site, our policy is out of site is out of mind.
  • It is mandatory that the entertainers are accompanied by a bodyguard and that the bodyguard be present at all times and in the dancers presence through out the event.