Ready to Party with Our Famous CT Strippers

There are many advantages to living in the New England area. There is fresh seafood, beaches, and plenty of entertainment. In fact this area has some of the best adult entertainment in the entire country. The strippers in this area are not only the best looking but they are the friendliest as well. The CT strippers can be hired for a number of private parties including bachelor parties, birthday parties, and many other events where some adult entertainment would spice up the night. If you are having an event and would like to hire our famous CT strippers, contact Shamrock Entertainment at (888) 999-5859.

ct-strippers-shamrock-entThe CT strippers can be reserved over the internet for a private event. Reservations are highly recommended so a person will be sure they are getting the CT stripper of their choice. These strippers put on such a good show that their schedules fill up fast. A person can browse the website and look at all the different party options that the strippers put on. These options range from a mild strip tease dance to some hot adult fun. A person can browse the profiles of the strippers. Here they can see pictures, they can see a sample of their dance numbers, and their physical measurements. A person can even find out some of the likes and dislikes of the stripper. Once a person decides of the stripper or strippers that want to perform at their party they can book them online. All a person has to do is enter the stripper and the date and time of their event in the area. Someone from the company will then call back within the next day or two to confirm the reservation. The reservation is not completed until it is confirmed by a representative from the company. At this point the party is all set and a person does not have to worry about their entertainment. In addition to some of the best looking CT strippers there are a number of male strippers as well to keep the females entertained. They can also be viewed and booked over the internet.

There are some parties where a stripper can add some fun. At corporate events and other functions many people do not expect a stripper to come. There are strippers that can be hired for this event. A male or a female stripper may be hired for the tame but fun dance. The stripper will come to the party and dance for the guest. The stripper will put on a fun show but will stop when they get down to their bathing suit. The dance will take around 10 to 15 minutes. While the stripper is dancing the crowed will be engaged. This show is fun but does not show too much skin so the people in attendance will enjoy themselves instead of getting offended.

There are other packages that are for more adult purposes. The next package is what many people are used to seeing when they go to clubs and other events. The male or the female stripper will come to the party and they will dance until they are completely naked. This show takes a little bit longer to perform but the people at the party will get to see a lot more skin. The stripper will even offer lap dances to the guest as long as they keep the tips going.

These are just some of the party packages offered by CT strippers. These strippers perform at all types of other private events and will keep the people at the party happy and make sure they are having fun. For more information on booking a CT stripper contact Shamrock Entertainment at (888) 999-5859 and see your dancers online before you order!

Article was written by Shamrock Entertainment.