Why Mothers Decide to Become Boston Strippers

In general, Boston strippers do not get a lot of respect. Many people think that strippers must be bad people, but that’s far from the truth. Many mothers may a conscience choice to become a stripper because they see it as a line of work. Some of the reasons mother to enter the field are:

  • 1. The job pays well, so it’s a good way to pay for their kids. Everyone knows that kids do not come cheap, so you have to make decent money when you become a parent. Some strippers decide to enter the field because they can have the piece of mind that their kids will be fed. It’s an honest way to make a living, and it’s better than the parent going on welfare to support their children. The money that’s earned from stripping can be used for her children’s expenses or their living situation.
  • 2. A mother may decide to use her stripping money in order to support her decision to go back to school. It’s hard to be a parent and go to school at the same time, but it’s not impossible. A stripper makes a decent paycheck, and you don’t have to work a lot of hours. As a matter of fact, a stripper can probably report to work when her kids are sleeping. If she decides to strip, her children probably won’t even notice that she’s gone. Instead of getting high tuition that she has to pay back after college is completed, she can relax with peace of mind that her bills are taken care of.
  • 3. Mother may decide to be strippers in Boston because it fits their personality. Everyone is born different, and some people do not want to work a 9am to 5pm job in the business world. If she decides to get a job in the retail world, she probably won’t make enough money to survive. If this mother has a certain kind of personality, she may find that stripping fits her personality the best. She only has to take her clothes off; she is forbidden from having sex with her clients.
  • 4. Mothers may make the decision to become Boston strippers because they want to network with other mothers. It’s not common for mothers to enter the profession to network with other mothers, but it can happen. There is strength in numbers, and mothers may want to talk to other mothers who in similar boat as themselves. If two mothers need a babysitter while they work, they can talk to each other about it. Since strippers have a career that isn’t respected, it’s a good idea for them to network with other strippers.
  • 5. If mothers loses custody of her children because of rough financial times, they may decide to become strippers in Boston because the job pays well. Children are not allowed to go into a strip club, so it creates some unpleasant times for parents. If a stripper has to pick her paycheck up, she may run into a problem if she has her children with her. Every stripper has their own reason for entering the profession as a mother, but you should never judge them because you don’t know the circumstances that lead up to it.

These are just some of the reasons that women decide to become strippers.